Accessibility Page to Jesus This Way Ministries. Click here to get your free refreshable Braille Display Old & New Testament Bible. Please write us and tell us how we can make this product better for you.

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Welcome to Jesus This Way Ministries, LLC Home Page! Jesus This Way provides Free download Christian educational material for you and your children.  Teach your family a great Christian education with our free download material, and ministry kits!

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Welcome to Jesus This Way Ministries, LLC. We provide free educational material to the Christian community.
We are pleased to announce that our materials are free, and without any obligation, and come in numerous formats, such as PDF, MP3, and Doc files.

Braille Bibles, PDF Bibles, Audio Bibles, Children's adventure books, alphabet learning books, number books, colors books, shapes books, writing skill books, drawing skill books, Christian educational articles in PDF, .Doc, and MP3. 

We are also pleased to mention that our Accessibilities Page is officially open to those who use a Refreshable Braille Display.


We provide sensory disabilities people with access to most of the Jesus This Way catalog.

Parents should feel free to grab their free Dr. Mooskatimus Children's books series and exercise books by clicking here

As our products are developed we will be making them accessible to those with disabilities as fast as we can. The three formats we will be supporting will be the Refreshable Braille Display, MP3, and PDF.

We hope you find these useful. If there is anything we can do please write us at LinkDepot@JesusThisWay.Com
Our Office phone: 860-946-7095

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