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Christian Article: Why The Rosetta Stone is So Important! This article reveals how the Rosetta stone quieted critical voices of Bible history. Learn how Biblical historic facts once thought to be fables are now considered indisputable fact.

This article reveals how the Rosetta Stone has quieted the critical voices of Bible history. Learn how the scientific, and historic Biblical facts once thought to be fables by those in the "In the know" (the scientific and historic disciplines) are now considered indisputable fact as a result of the Rosetta Stone.

This article is the third in a list of sixteen designed to provide quality answers in debate situations, while helping Christians defend their Christian faith. Reading all sixteen of these articles will provide a wonderful foundation upon which the Christian can build.

"As archeologists continue to dig up the historic remains of human development, ancient artifacts are revealing a clear factual image. That image is causing some people to question and re-think their beliefs."

Richard Beobide

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Article: Why is the Rosetta Stone is so important?

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