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Christian Article: This article removes the false argument of the woman's right to choose and asserts the unborn child's constitutional right to Co-exist.

This article removes the false argument of the "woman's right to choose" and asserts the unborn child's constitutional right to "Co-exist"   in our society without fear of losing its life at the hands of another, if the unborn child did nothing to deserve losing its life.

This article is the fifteenth in a list of sixteen designed to provide quality answers in debate situations, while helping Christians defend their Christian faith. Reading all sixteen of these articles will provide a wonderful foundation upon which the Christian can build.

"Therefore, all people have the right to co-exist in our society and enjoy the same human rights as the other, providing that we 'do no harm one to another, and live by the rule of law, and not by the unruliness of anarchy and force.'"

Richard Beobide

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