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Christian Article: This article addresses the sin condition of man as never before discussed (as far as the author knows).

This article addresses the sin condition of man as never before discussed (as far as the author knows).

Clearly, most people think they truly understand the sin condition, but this article sheds light on this topic from a perspective that is most certainly unknown.

This article is the sixteenth in the list of sixteen designed to provide quality answers in debate situations, while helping Christians defend their Christian faith. Reading all sixteen of these articles will provide a wonderful foundation upon which the Christian can build.

There is a blackened shroud of mystery and misunderstanding that covers over the topic of sin like a cloak; destroying lives and reeking havoc everywhere. Mistakenly, most people think they understand it. However, this misunderstood condition of humanity is a true and formidable enemy of mankind that extends all the way back to the beginning of our existence. Today you will understand it as never before.

Richard Beobide

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