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Article 17: A Prayer For All Americans, Ask God To Help Our Government Today!

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Christian Article: This article addresses the sin condition of man as never before discussed (as far as the author knows).

This article addresses the sin condition of man as never before discussed (as far as the author knows).

This article further addresses how the politicians, pundits, and followers of political parties are being tricked into hating their neighbor, which is in direct contrast to what God wants from all people.

This is the seventeenth article in the list designed to provide quality answers to encourage you in your faith. Reading all of these articles will provide a wonderful foundation upon which the Christian can build..

A prayer for the wealthy, the lawmaker and the judge. To the wealthy, the lawmaker, and the judge who believe in God. Much is required of you. Consider, God created Israel. His laws were just. Therefore, don't be like the ungodly lawmakers who create deceptions for the unsuspecting. They create laws for the sake of enhancing their own wealth, and that of their cronies. They divide American against American in their quest to power.
How can you do this at the expense of your neighbor, whom God commanded you to love? Can you reach all people, or teach every man of God? Therefore, God blesses your neighbor to reach the whole earth and help the lost. Do not steal God's blessing from your neighbor by creating ungodly laws. God will hold you accountable...
Richard Beobide

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